Why you shouldn’t return to your ex after a breakup?


Every sexually active person has almost certainly experienced the feeling of disappointment or relationship breakdown. However, some people try to return to their former partner, not knowing that they’re only making their situation worse, and the other person. So why is it such a bad idea to get back to your ex?

Separation is a period when we don’t think rationally

No one here really wins at the breakup, no matter if it’s the person terminating the relationship or the person who just found out about it.

A few days after the parting we will certainly feel devastated (as long as that relationship was important to us). We can’t really understand that it’s “over” – and what’s happening to us and why, suddenly, from a “happy relationship” we are single. In that case, we have to force ourselves to try to normalize our lives. Sure, it will take us some time, but if we put our weight behind it, we will certainly succeed.

Toxic relationships can hurt us even more

It may not be easy to fully understand, but every time we break up, something just went really wrong, so either they or we weren’t interested in a relationship anymore. As we point out ,,fully” – because even if you knew the reason why you did break up, your brain still doesn’t think that’s the answer you’re looking for. But the most important part is just to not ,,screw around” by breaking up and making it up again, because it becomes that vicious cycle of being in and out a relationship (even if is to have sex with that person). This just makes the ,,relationship” just more toxic and harmful than just simply breaking up.

Don’t listen to your thoughts a while

It may sound a little surreal, but for some time our brain will be just redundant, as it will only tell us the wildest ways to get back to the state before the breakup. One thing to do is just to go to training. It doesn’t have to be a long workout, you can go running, swimming, doing anything, as long as you won’t be alone with your thoughts, because thinking about it will just make it worse. The sooner you’ll realize it the better you’ll feel and maybe even find a new mate using those new hobbies of yours.

Getting back to your ex is a bad idea

Psychology experts warn against going back to our ex-partners, because it’s very hard for people to change, and we’ll actually hurt each other even more by doing that. It’s better to just forget about this person, it will surely hurt a lot for a while, but there will come a day when there will be someone new to fall in love with and spend our days happily.