Why religious people are waiting with sex untill marriage?


Sometimes you can hear on the streets, that we should wait with sex until the wedding. What’s interesting is that even films such as 40 year old virgins have been made to illustrate this figure of things. But why shouldn’t we wait with d until the wedding?

It’s like buying a cat in a sack

Every healthy adult realizes that sex is one of the most important pillars of a relationship. Waiting with it until the wedding, you can compare it to buying a cat in a bag, in the end you never know what you will get. Today, many couples live together before the wedding, and the relationship legalize when they decide to have a child, or under pressure from their surroundings. It doesn’t seem to be a very good idea to keep the virtue for the wedding, and yet there are still people who value this act because they don’t want to live with the knowledge that they have sinned against God or want to be faithful to their views. For them, the wedding night is the first one, but it can also happen that their relationship will fall apart after a short time, because one or both sides will not feel satisfied with the sex. It is important to remember that we are still animals, not virtuous celebrities.

Who does that anyway?

Most often they people that wait with sex to marriage, are religious, and they decide to be restrained until they say yes at the altar. Sometimes there are other reasons, for example, that they want to experience their first time in a truly unique way. There is, however, the conviction that they take some risk – before they promise themselves eternal love and fidelity, they are not able to see if it will be good for them together, so that after the wedding they may just start to betray themselves. Luckily, the church has less and less control over people, because it is best to keep a cool head until you get married or married, because every “true” Catholic should keep a cool head until he or she gets married.

Realistic reasons?

Sometimes there are cases where a man or woman has almost one hundred percent fertility, so that any, even a short approximation can result in a pregnancy. Although this is quite rare, it can happen, so it is no wonder that such couples decide to stay together already at this stage of the relationship.

A better chance of betrayal

Well, interestingly enough, many of the people who have survived all this time without sex to their first wedding night have a greater tendency to betray. This is because such people feel robbed of the pleasure of having sex, in favour of the temperance that for some reason has been befalling them for so long. That can spark all different sorts of infidelities, like creating sex films, or just doing porn pics for all different kind of reasons. It’s really dependant on the person, how he/she will react to that, but restraint isn’t really the way humans were designed by nature, so holding those sexual urges back may lead to developing some mental problems, or just not feeling good about your life.

source: roksa