What Tantra Means & How To Use It Correctly for Deeper Intimacy Now


Learn about the concept of tantra, and what intimacy and sexuality is related to tantric practices. This post will be for beginners and offers an overview of where tantra originates from, and how it can be used to empower you with sex and spirituality, and to harness your own personal energy.

Whatis Tantra?

Tantra started from a Sanskrit word meaning “weaving”, which is the action of connecting things together. 

Tantra is a pathway, not just for ecstasy but also relating to personal healing, transformation, and self-actualization.

Tantra is a combination of yoga and romantic bliss — a profound bond with your partner and with yourself. When you say yes to tantra, it’s not just lovemaking that you do. It’s the experience you have.

Whether you are by yourself or with a specific partner, you can harness the power and energy of tantra to manifest your dreams, expand your possibilities, & live the life that you imagined.

3 Important Keys For Tantra:

  1. Breath
  2. Sound
  3. Movement

There are no rules, no special conditions, and there is no ideal way to learn or practice Tantra. Instead of “having everything right”, Tantra reflects on what you actually desire and need, then shows you how to best communicate it with others in your life, and in bed.

What are the benefits of tantra?

  • Deepen your friendship with friends , family, and the ones who care most.
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Improve confidence and innovation
  • Empowerment of the
  • Express your deep love and intimacy
  • Improving health and stamina
  • Increase your appetite
  • Relieves stress
  • Heal the chakras
  • Increase in relaxation
  • Experience the prolonged state of bliss
  • Develop strength , endurance, energy

Tantra is also misunderstood, and since sex is enhanced by tantric practices, people believe it’s all about sex. It’s a lot more than that, though.

Our society has brought so much negativity to sex and sensuality, and people still see Tantra as something out of the ordinary or strange.

But why is there so much shame about sex? We’re all made the same way, so if it weren’t for sex, we wouldn’t be here. We are the only creatures to be guilty of something that’s a mere fact of existence.

Animals don’t have shame with sex 

Why? Because It’s part of everyday life. We were formed with thousands of nerve ends that allow us to feel pleasure, a birthright of yours. So let’s remove the guilt and celebrate the joy of being in touch with ourselves and others.

Have you ever considered pleasure as healing?

Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” song reminds me of Tantra’s healing powers.

Ready to unleash your own personal strength?

Start by checking out Napoleon Hill’s book “Think & Grow Rich”, it’s a popular book and he dedicated Chapter 11, on the Art of Sexual Transmutation. These tantric techniques have also been used by Nikola Tesla, Einstein & Steve Jobs to unleash their own personal talent and imagination.

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