What is Nuru Massage and How Does It Work?


What is the object of the erotic desire? Of course, the body of your lovely one, the only gazing at which can thrill and excite. But if you want to explore the hidden depths of the tactile sense and discover all the fascinating sensations that it can ignite right inside your body, then Nuru massage is the exact thing you really have to try.   

Where does  Nuru Massage come from?

This erotic wonder was invented by the Japanese, to be more precise, in a Japanese city of Kawasaki. Nuru can be translated as “slick” and “smooth” from Japanese. The idea was and is to arouse strong contact sensations in your partner by rubbing and gliding on his or her body. In Japanese tradition, all bodies were smeared with a special gel produced from seaweeds making the rubbing especially pleasant. Nowadays, the expert masseuses of this type of massage also use the same algae gel; and it must be said that the smearing procedure itself is an extraordinary experience. 

When is Nuru Massage exactly what You Need?

  1. When you want to elevate to a completely new level of satisfaction and add more bright colors to your sensual life, then Nuru is for you.
  1. When you are ready for unusual, sometimes funny, unbending sensations, then Nuru is for you. 
  1. When you want to surprise your partner and show them the novel ways of whetting their sensual appetite, then Nuru is for you. 
  1. When you want to do away with the stress and relax, again, Nuru massage is for you. 

How to do Nuru Massage right? 

Nuru massage may seem like a very simple technique to apply – smear your bodies with some oil and rub them against each other, what can be easier!.. but such a view can be deceptive and superficial, as only carried out as an almost sacred ritual, Nuru massage can bring you to the highest point of satisfaction. So, take note of some essentials of the Nuru massage:

Atmosphere. Not but that it should be a room designed as ancient geishas’ parlors or decorated with Parisian chic, but you definitely have to find a secure atmospheric place to open yourself and uncover your most hottest desires. There should be a feeling of comfort and warmth there. 

Gel. Yes, it should be the very algae gel which has neither odour nor color. In case one takes some other oily substance, though also made of natural components, it may leave greasy spots on the linen and produce an undesirable sticky effect for the body. To avoid that, follow the traditions and use the seaweed gel recommended for Nuru.  

Skin-to-skin contact. According to the Nuru rules, the only instrument of this massage is the body. An important detail: the masseuse and the recipient don’t have to use their hands to touch their bodies. Maybe you have never imagined  how many exciting zones your body has and how contacting them can inflame the sweetest passion. Here one should be ready to fantasize and even experiment. 

No sex in the end is natural. Initially, Nuru Japanese massage was designed as a relaxing technique and it didn’t have to finish with the coitus. Now, the rules are the same, and the only goal here is to give sensual pleasure of the highest rating. 

And finally, speaking of Parisian chic, it should be suggested that, not to be disappointed and to get the most out of Nuru massage, one can really go to Paris, as this romantic city is famous for its masterful masseuses; take, for instance, SweetTouch, where the charming ladies really know how to touch sweetly your body and your soul.