Visit a Sex Shop in Singapore: 9 Care Tips to Maintain Your Sex Toys


If you’re looking to spice up your solo or couple sex life, a good investment would be a dildo in Singapore. On the other hand, do you know what’s not entertaining? Being unable to keep your favourite pleasure massager in pristine condition, or worse, being at risk of infection or introducing bacteria to your sensitive region because of improper washing, sanitising, or storing. The instructions for maintaining and cleaning your new plaything should be in the packaging.

Don’t worry if you’ve already thrown away the packaging in your eagerness to get dirty. Here are some ways to ensure your sex toy is always risk-free and operating at peak efficiency.

1.  Know the Material

There is a wide variety of sex toys available, but most fall into one of two categories: porous or nonporous. Microscopic holes in porous materials make them potentially more conducive to bacterial harborage, which can alter the balance of the vaginal microbiome. Even after being thoroughly washed and dried, porous objects can still harbour bacteria; therefore, it is best to use a condom or switch to nonporous sex toys like a We-Vibe Tango.

Check the manufacturer’s website or the manual that came with your dildo in Singapore to learn more about the materials used in its construction. Cleaning instructions come with many products. In most cases, you should stick to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. In any case, if you’re curious about how to clean the various sex toys that are popular today, you’ll find them online.

2.  Remove Batteries Before Wash

You should always take the batteries out of your We-Vibe Tango before washing it if it requires them. Liquid and dangerous chemicals in the batteries can corrode, so it’s always possible that water could leak in and ruin your device. Keep batteries in a cool, dry place at room temperature to extend their lifespan. You should only use them again after your sex toy has dried completely.

3.  Wash Under Warm Water

Clean your Lovense Lush thoroughly with warm water or regular running water before and after each use for the best hygiene practice and to extend their lifespan. Boiling your toy may seem like a good idea at the time, but it has the potential to degrade, discolour, or even damage your motor in the long run.

The only exception is leather toys. The porous nature of the material means that it won’t dry quickly after being exposed to water, so you shouldn’t soak them or run them through the dishwasher. If you want to disinfect it, you can use a 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol solution and wipe it down.

4.  Use the Right Soap

While you may like to use a fancy-scented soap for your precious dildo in Singapore to leave it smelling fresh, it can have the reverse effect on your genitals as it may leave residues that irritate them. If you want to be extra careful, you can use a block of anti-bacterial soap, but regular mild hand soap or dish soap will do the trick and won’t damage your sex toys’ materials.

5.  Clean Them Often

In your sex toy care, you should practise the highest standards of cleanliness. Professionals warn that if a Lovense Lush isn’t washed and dried properly, bacteria may grow. Clean them with water and mild antibacterial soap before and after each use, or as the manufacturer tells you to do if there are no instructions. Air drying is the best way to maintain your toys to avoid lint or residue from other objects sticking to them.

6.  Don’t Share

Even though you should never share your dildo in Singapore, you may do just that if you use them with a partner. It highlights the importance of the cleaning procedure even further. Several sexually transmitted diseases can spread if it wasn’t properly filtered and shared. Always sterilise your toy before sharing it with someone else. Boiling water or the top rack of the dishwasher are two options, but keep in mind that only specific toys can withstand such extreme treatment. The bottom line is that you should always practise safe sex with your partner, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. If you’re worried about STDs, use a condom on the toy—make sure you use a new one before trading off.


7.  Store Properly to Keep Them Dry

Once you’ve washed your male sex toys, pat them dry with a clean, soft towel before letting them air dry somewhere out of the sun. It’s vital to let sex toys air dry before storing them or giving them a charge. Further, keep in mind that you shouldn’t store multiple sex implements in a single stack. If you don’t keep your toys in a dust-free environment where they can’t come into contact with each other, they may end up sticking together.

8.  Observe Extra Caution

Before putting away your male sex toys, you can take extra precautions by wiping them down with isopropyl alcohol—found at most drug stores, and some cotton swabs. If you go this route, remember to let your toys dry completely before putting them away until their next adventure. You should always store your toys in their satin pouch and never stack them or allow their silicone parts to touch.

9.  Know When to Dispose of Them

When a clit sucker shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time to retire it. General signs of wear and tear or a lingering odour are signs it’s time to get a new toy—but also anything that could pose a safety risk. Any sex item that shows damage, such as a crack or wear, should be discarded. It not only reduces its usability but also poses a safety risk.

Final Words

When not cared for properly, sex toys can quickly turn from pleasurable to painful. Don’t just rush into cleaning something without first learning about the product’s materials and the best ways to keep them in pristine condition.

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