Types Of LGBT Sex Toys


The term LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and transgender. If you are someone who wants to have some quality time by yourselves then you are at the correct place as we are going to discuss the best toys to get pleasure. Sex toys are widely used by people to enhance their life in case they are not able to find someone suitable for them or you are just shy to talk to someone. For someone who wants to have sex without any partner, sex toys are the best option for you. They can ignite you just by looking at them.

There are many LGBT sex toys available in the market. But if you are not sure which one to buy, then read the below article as we are going to describe some of the best LGBT sex toys.

  1. Finger Extender: What is better than reliving yourself by using your own hands and finger. But if you love digging deep and you are not able to do it with your finger, then the finger extender is the best option for you. As the name suggests, this toy can easily dig deep and provide the feeling that you were missing all the time.
  2. Clitoral Simulator: If you are not a huge fan of deep penetration, this toy is for you. This simulator sucks your clitoris and pleasures without going inside. It keeps you warm and chucks from the above. If you are a female and fear about going deep, this toy is for as it remains on the surface.
  3. Fin: It is a vibrator which can be used by the vibration lovers in their clitoris. You don’t need to put it inside your vagina. Just place it on your clitoris and enjoy.
  4. Le and Massager: It is also a type of vibrator which comes with various speeds and attachments. Best for trans women as it can provide you with all the feel and touch you need. The vibration pattern on this device can also be changed to the one which warms you. It is a versatile tool which can be used at any time.
  5. Pop Strap- On Dildo: If you are into deep penetration, then this toy is for you. This toy can be worn on the top of wearer extending the size and making it all fun for both parties. Go as deep as you want, which ensures that if you want a baby, you can put it all inside easily.
  6. Sharevibe: is a double dildo sex toy. It comes with two dicks, one each side. If you are into lesbian sex then it is perfect for you. You can enjoy penetration at the same time. The dildo also features vibration which enhances the fun you two can have together.
  7. Jive: It is a wearable sex toy whose main function is as a G-spot vibrator. This sex toy can be easily controlled through a mobile application. It allows the user to change the vibration and have more fun without even touching it as it can be controlled easily through the mobile app.
  8. Rainbow Dildo: As the name suggests, this dildo is designed vibrantly. The colours are bright and attract the user to have fun with it. Go deep and fulfil the dreams of getting wet with this powerful yet simple toy.

These were some of the most popular LGBT sex toys. They are widely used as the pleasure provided by them is unmeasurable. Choose the one which suits you and enjoy the sex life of your choice.