Types Of Exotic Sex Dolls In The World


Going through a breakup? Don’t worry. If you are looking for a partner and you aren’t still out of the emotional baggage and you are commitment-phobic, then you got to know the types of exotic sex dolls in the world. Some of the types are listed below.

  • Torso sex dolls 

If you aren’t fine with the weight factor of the sex dolls, then you need to get yourself the torso sex dolls. They have an only upper body with the vaginal opening. They are also much cheaper. You can decorate these with some Sex Doll Accessories

  • TPE sex dolls 

TPE is a higher variety of silicon. There are two types of dolls, silicone, and TPE. The silicone dolls are much heat resistant which means you can have sex with them in a hot sauna bath but the TPE dolls are not heat resistant and you cannot have sex with them in a hot shower.

  • Teenager Sex dolls 

Just like, there are sex dolls in the market which are pregnant, there is another kind of dolls as well which are a teenager like in shape and size. The teenage sex dolls are preferred by the older age men who have a fetish towards the younger female bodies.

  • Artificial Intelligence-based silicone dolls 

With the advent of technology, AI has entered even into the sex dolls industry as well. You can program as to how long you wish to experience blow jobs from the female and also as to how long she needs to hold on to her drive. You can also program the adult silicone doll to watch cricket/football matches with you.

  • Black-Ebony 

While all the sex dolls sold in the market are mostly light skin, there are many other sex dolls in the market which have a darker shade of skin. Some men like fit legs and darker pussy, they should go for these sex dolls.

  • Big booties and big boobs 

Few men like big booties and a few like big breasts. They can order customized huge breasted dolls and big booty dolls.

There are other types like Blonde, BBW, cheap, etc., But these are the major type of sex dolls in the market. They are very exotic.