Top Tips on How to Approach Online Dating with an STD


The online dating world is overwhelming for most people, but those with STD might feel that they have less choice when it comes to choosing a dating partner. Even though many people think that those with STD are cheaters or trashy, the truth is that anyone and all kinds of people can contract STD. With growing awareness about STDs, online dating too has undergone a major change to provide people with STDs a chance to find people for dating. If you have an STD and want to explore your options, online dating is a good one. Here are some tips to help you with online dating –

  • Disclose Your Condition – You need to be honest about your condition when trying online dating. Even though you do not have to advertise about your STD on your profile, you need to find the right time to tell it to your date once you have got to know each other. Make sure to disclose the condition before indulging in any sexual activity so that the other person does not feel betrayed. Hiding the condition will be bad for your relationship if the person comes to know later on. So, be upfront about it when you are ready.
  • Learn All the Facts Yourself and Educate Others – Open and informed communication is the key to finding love online. It is essential that you do your homework first and learn the facts about STD so that you can have a clear conversation with a potential partner on the dating website. You should learn how to bring out the topic without stigmatizing yourself in any way. Try to educate the other person about STD, what it is, what it is not, and how you prevent it from spreading. It will help the other person feel safe.
  • Be Open to Awkward Questions – For those who do not know much about STD, you might be asked a lot of questions. Instead of taking it negatively, be happy that the other person is open to the idea of having a relationship with a person with STD. It is quite obvious that the person will have questions, especially if they have not dated anyone with STD before. Instead of just dismissing the questions, be patient and answer them to the best of your abilities. 
  • Always Use Protection – Whether you have an STD or do not, it is best to use protection. Once you have disclosed your condition to your partner, respect their bodies, and use protection when indulging in sexual activities. It will ensure that you both have a great sex life and without worrying about transmitting the disease to your partner. 

Bringing up the topic of STD will never be easy, and you might even face rejection. But do not be disheartened. There are plenty of online dating websites that cater to people with STD. Make sure that you find a trusted one such as  Positive singles so that you can feel free to discuss your condition with potential matches without feeling overwhelmed or judged.