The Perfect Fun Of Watching Sex Videos


There are generally consequences of watching sex video films a rather negative image: it would desensitize men, would decrease their desire, even lead to erection problems.

Recent study rehabilitates porn

Researchers have sought to measure the effect of sex video on the erection of men who watch it. 280 men participated, answering questions about their sex video consumption. The researchers also measured their libido. Participants who had a sexual partner also responded to a questionnaire designed to measure their erectile function. The men had to watch a short film which showed a sexual relation, and to evaluate their sexual excitement then.

Researchers conclude:

Sex video doesn’t seem as bad as you tend to believe. First, the men who used to watch it were more excited than the others by the film watched in the laboratory, which indicates that watching erotic films does not have the effect of desensitizing men. The subjects did not report any decrease in their arousal in front of erotic stimuli. Likewise, no statistical link was found between watching sex video and erectile dysfunction. It’s the mere enjoyment, like you can find in swag 影片.

Down with the clichés

The researchers’ conclusion is clear: attributing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction to sex video use is counterproductive. Indeed, there are effective solutions against sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction. But abstaining from watching sex video movies is not one of them.

Let’s not go too far in the conclusions: nothing in the study indicates that sex video is positive for sex life. If the increase in sensitivity to erotic stimuli can be considered positive, we can consider that it is a cause, and not a consequence, of the consumption of sex video films. We can nevertheless deduce from this study that it is not necessary not stigmatize sex video movies, nor draw hasty conclusions about the sex lives of those who watch them.

Gone are the days when men were secretly watching porn. A study carried out in June 2014 revealed that more than half of French women have already watched sex video at least once in their life. So if everyone is looking their own way, why not do it together?

Porn: what use for the couple?

Watching sex video is not synonymous with sexual dissatisfaction. Sexologists say that it is rather a fun way for the couple to enhance their sexual practices . Most of the time, couples who watch this type of film are tempted to reproduce in their intimacy the positions and practices that intrigued them. These films are also a way for couples to deepen their sexual practices. By watching this type of production, they can for example learn new techniques to increase their pleasure.

How to evoke pornography in the couple?

Surveys show that watching pornography in the company of their spouses is not a problem for women. And if by chance some of them do not feel interested in this kind of feature film, they are ready to take the plunge if only to please their companion. And even if the terrain is favorable, announcing to your partner your desire to watch the X rated movie for two remains delicate.