Share Your Secret With A Woman Who Is Your Friend, Philosopher And Guide


The woman on the other side of the webcam is willing to lend her shoulder to share your problems. You can talk about any subjects under the sun, from your darkest sex fantasies to current geopolitical affairs of the world. You will be accepted as you are without any prejudice, without any judgment. If you are single and have a girlfriend, you can speak about your sweetheart. She can pour out her heartfelt advice regarding your love life and dating. If you are married, you can speak about your spouse, and seek a suggestion to improve your married life. She can be your friend, philosopher, and guide.

We all have Secrets

We all have secrets, some are opened up, and some go to the grave with us. Share your secrets with a woman, makes your heart light, enhance mental tranquility, and make the bond stronger. Secrets can be related to work, family life, or previous trauma. Secrets can lie deep on some childhood incidents, which are locked up in your heart for a long time. To share your secrets with a woman, you need to be honest, knowing there could be a consequence of it. Keeping secrets to yourself build up frustration, which affects your professional and private life. Once you open up your heart, she takes care of the vulnerability, fears, and worries.

She is the best friend

When you speak those dark secrets to her, the bond gets stronger. As a human being, everyone seeks meaning in their life. When you find meaning in your life, life gets a new definition and rejuvenation. She can provide all the comfort and trustworthiness to be the person on whom you can have trust not to spill the beans to the world. If you reveal your secret to a known person, you do not know about the consequence of the trust you placed on the person. But when you open Pandora’s Box, you can rest assured, you will not be judged by a single incident. She will not use that little secret for her good.

Release tension

When you keep those secrets to yourself, you use a lot of mental capacity, knowingly or unknowingly. Un till you spill out, you keep on thinking about it, at least three times a day. This hampers your cognitive ability, resulting in poor mental and physical health. The more you keep secret, the more conflict is created in your brain. The cingulate cortex is programmed to speak the truth; when you keep secrets, you block its natural performance. The cortex becomes strained, which increases cortisol intensity, blood pressure, affects metabolism, and memory.

Treat her respectfully

She loves your company; she will laugh at your silly jokes. Share your secret with a woman; she immensely attentive when you do so. You will be the special person in her life, for whom she is always willing to walk the extra mile. It is mutual trust and memory you both cherish.


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