Sex Tourism – Top 8 Destinations of the world


Some people travel because they have that wandering spirit and the urge to explore the unexplored. Most of us probably fall into this category, travelling for curiosity and to expand our experiences. There are also those people who love to experience other perks of travel other than sightseeing and visiting famous locations. There’s one branch of tourism widely known as sex tourism, and it’s for people who travel to other countries for sexual activities and pleasure. The peak of sex tourism happened in the 20th century and it’s definitely on the rise. We’ll cover some of the most popular destinations for those looking to find their pleasure across the globe.

The Netherlands

The first stop on your sex tour list has to be the Netherlands. Amsterdam and its red district are hot tourist spots. Everyone who’s visiting Amsterdam will take a stroll in the red district. Some just do it to see what it’s all about, while others are there for a reason. Amsterdam is the best place for newbies who’ve never tried sex tourism before. You can also visit one of the sex shows for a different theatre experience.

The Gambia

The Gambia is deemed as the hot spot for females looking to engage in sexual activities. It is said that many women go there to find the company and explore the beauty of this lovely country. There’s a belief that only men travel for sex, but the Gambia is a great example that’s breaking many taboos regarding female sexuality. Women can also travel for sex and Gambia is a place for that.


Well, by now you probably know at least one person who keeps on returning to Thailand. And the reason is simple – because they are probably a sex tourist. Since we cannot make any claims here, we can only assume that it’s because Thailand is well-known for its wildlife safari and unique sexual experiences. People interested in transsexual sexual experiences often choose Phuket or Pattaya as their destinations.


If you thought that people visit Australia just to explore the outback or have fun in a vivid metropolis, you weren’t informed that other activities are legal as well. Australia is famous for its laid-back culture, sandy beaches, road trips and stopping by one of the top Sydney brothels. You can simply look them up online, see their working hours, check the roster and book a visit. You can also find a brothel that offers escort services, so you can easily have the girl of your dreams stop by your hotel.


Let’s return to Europe for a second and mention Germany as our next suggestion. Germany is not only the land of great beer, but it’s also a land of great sex because they take sex tourism seriously. If you’re looking to hop on a plane to Germany, choose to visit Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Stuttgart is also on this list because there’s a brothel that offers amazing customer service, from a restaurant, spa, and cinema to private rooms.


Spain is a well-known vacation destination that is also another popular sex tourism destination. If you find yourself going to Ibiza or Barcelona, you might as well research where can you find the best res district. In addition to these two cities, Madrid and Majorca are also where the girls are. There are strip clubs, brothels, and massage parlours, which only means that you’ll find what you came for.


Budapest is not only the capital of this country but also a hub of sex tourism. Even if you’re just visiting Budapest as a regular tourist, you’ll walk down the street and run into a place that offers peep shows or a strip club. But, if you’re there to explore other popular tourist locations, you won’t have trouble finding a strip club or an escort service.


Brazil is the next place on our list where you can travel for a unique experience and it’s all legal there. Especially if your choice of woman is hot Latina, you’ll find just what you want in Brazil. You can easily find fun in Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana or Vila Mimosa.

If you want to combine pleasure with leisure, these are the top destinations you should go to. Depending on your location, some might be closer than others so start by going to the nearest country first.