Sex and the Best Apps for You



Equivalent to the previous one in competition, this application will also offer you to transform your performance into growth charts and figures, with the additional possibility of seeing the number of calories burned. Again, the accuracy of this application is only secondary and it is the playfulness that prevails.

To play a little

Many board games for the couple are offered and you will find the classic strip-pokers or other exhilarating card games without difficulty. The games have the advantage of setting up an environment conducive to cuddling gently and without haste. In addition, some games can be played by several couples for the more adventurous. You can go for the there.


Classic naughty dice for the couple as you will easily find whatever your Smartphone, it has the advantage of offering levels of progression in the choice of pledges, enough to start in quiet caresses before going to Kâma mode will be unleashed

Game of the naughty goose which invites you to browse the 69 boxes leading to victory, these are strewn with small pledges to do with your other half: Take off one of your clothes, caress, kiss on this or that part of the body … Enough to slip before reaching the 69 boxes.

To spice up frankly

Naughty applications can also allow you to explore your sexuality in a little more depth by immersing yourself in the meanders of libertinism.


We register with our facebook account then the application puts us in contact every day with other registrants who live in the area and whom we can “like”. We announce the color between the search for great love or, on the contrary, the somersault. Enough to make naughty encounters for solitaires or couples who want a little spice under the duvet.

This is an application that allows you to be between followers of BDSM sex. You can just chat and send photos with different members, or take the adventure a step further by meeting your future spanking partner.

To bridge the distance

The communication from various places of the world remaining the main attribution of new technologies, it was logical that our Smartphones offer us some specimens in the field of distant lovers. A way to maintain privacy despite the geographic separation, the emphasis has been placed on the modernization of the text.


Application more romantic than sexual, it allows you to be directly connected to your distant half. The two lovers can share their calendars, their photos, and communicate live via chat or phone, or simply send each other images expressing their emotions of the moment. There is also the possibility of creating a list of things to do for two, romantic dinner, outing, or somersaults in a public place and each can see in real time where the other is exactly.

Available also on Iphone, it quickly became the application par excellence to send sex texts. It is indeed a question of sending a photo illustrated or not with a short message to one or more people and it disappears after 10 seconds. This is the reason for its rascal success: unless the beneficiary takes a screenshot, the naughty photo will disappear after being seen, thus avoiding becoming an unwanted internet star or suffering the harsh consequences of a wrong recipient.