Sex 2.0: taking sex to the next level



One of the primary necessities of our lives is sex. An intimate hour with our loved ones is something that we all crave for. And a satisfying sexual relationship keeps everyone happy throughout the whole day. However, it has not been long since people have become open about sexual pleasures. And it is reported by satisfied couples that the magic behind their unparalleled sex is the role of various sex toys. Although your partner’s love, intimacy, and emotional attachment between you two are useful components for having a satisfying sex life, the role of adult toys is something beyond. As sexually active couples have opened up, the act of reviewing sex toys has been more accessible. We, at Sneak Peek, serve you the best for your best experience in bed and where not. You can share your experience as well to help us as we aspire to improve our merchandise.

Products available:

Sex is no more a static act involving two persons. It has become much more dynamic with the different use of sex apparatus. At Sneak Peak, we take pains to provide you with the perfect buddy for your genitalia. Let’s see what we have.

Toys for bad boys and girls:

The rack containing sex toys is massive and full. Ranging from dildos, vibrators, double penetrating dildos to butt plugs, there are numerous types of sex toys to enhance the pleasure quotient of sex for you. You can either have a simple dildo or have a vibrating one that would be in your vagina and rock your world. If you think a dildo would replace your genitalia, that is not true. A sex toy serves the purpose of enhancing the pleasure of your partner. So, you two (or multiple partners) can use one without any second thought.


You can create a sassy sex dungeon with unique BDSM apparatus. If you are in kinky sex, no one is here to criticize you. Moreover, Sneak Peak offers you a wide range of blindfolds, hand-cuffs, gags, and restraints. If you love to have control or be controlled, you have got you. 

Lingerie love:

A sassy set of lingerie can turn your lover on. There is a wide variety of lingerie available for you- lace, baby doll, thongs, and you name it. Dressing for your lover is a huge turn on for every man. Women are also turned on if they see your junk peaking from a shiny G-string.

Furniture for your love:

It is a general notion that bed is the most comfortable place for having sex. However, now Sneak Peak offers you uniquely designed furniture primarily designed for sex. You can have a spanking table or slings. New experiences would bring variety to your everyday sex life and would make you feel fresh. 

Sex toys are essential for adding a tinge of spice to your lovemaking. And Sneak Peak serves the various needs of people when it comes to sex. So ladies and not-so-gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Go, get some!