Major Differences between the Silicon & TPE Dolls –


There is a huge difference between the TPE sex dolls and silicon sex dolls. You will also get to know why silicon is better than the TPE. It is a combination of silicon polymer along with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are many sex dolls industries which have been using silicon for many years. These dolls are a bit luxurious. And the next thing is that they are much expensive than TPE sex dolls. Now let us look at some of the merits and the demerits of the silicon sex dolls.

Merits of Silicon Sex Dolls – 

  • It looks very much like a real woman than the TPE sex dolls.
  • It is also oil-resistant, plus is a good heat resistant and is also very much easy to clean.
  • Then the next thing you will note is that the silicon is resistant to high temperatures so it is possible to take bath with these dolls

Demerits of Silicone Sex Dolls – 

There are some of the demerits also; this is like the price is very expensive. The price of silicon sex dolls is double than that of the TPE dolls. There is also poor flexibility, so extreme care should be taken while moving the arms and legs of the silicon dolls.

Difference between TPE and Silicone sex dolls

Some of the major differences between the sex dolls i.e. TPE and silicon are that silicon dolls are very costly. You cannot imagine the price which the silicon doll has. Silicon doesn’t have that good elasticity than that which the TPE dolls has. Silicon dolls have the high-temperature resistant property, but the TPE dolls do not have the same. This is one of the minor differences. Silicon dolls have a very smooth surface. TPE surface is inferior compared to that of the silicon. Cleaning the TPE material doll is very difficult than that of silicon. Silicon is easy to clean. For more information you can check .