Learn the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls


People usually ask about the difference between TPE best Aldoll Sex Doll for sale and silicone dolls and what material is ideal. The makers of buy sex doll have been experimenting with various materials seeking a more realistic feel and look. Usually, sex doll manufacturers use silicone due to the feel-like real touch and realistic texture. But, the problem with this material is that it makes the buy sex dolls more costly because medical grade or high-grade silicone is quite a costly material. TPE is known as the most famous material used by Chinese producers. Some of the most demanded and realistic adult dolls are manufactured on TPE.

What is TPE?

It is also called thermoplastic rubber, a physical blend of polymers or copolymers made of materials with elastomeric and thermoplastic properties. TPE is employed in daily products because it can be moulded and injected into products that need the utilization of rubber. TPE doll is more reasonable than silicon, and it has features like soft texture, moulding ability, and flexibility. It is considered one of the finest materials to craft realistic adult dolls at a reasonable price.


  • Odourless and hypoallergenic
  • It retains heat, but not excess heat
  • TPE is softer, squeezable, and more flexible, letting doll lovers place it in different postures.
  • Realistic and lifelike appearances
  • Great price/quality ratio


  • It might easily get stains
  • TPE is a porous material, thus cleaning it is very hard, and it cannot be sterilized
  • Thickness, flexibility, quality etc. depend on the blend or mix that the makers use; thus, it differs by manufacturers

What is Silicone?

Silicon is employed for soft adult toys because of its non-degradation, cleanability, durability by petroleum-based lubricants. It is a blend of silicone polymer along with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The sex doll and sex toy industry have been employing this material for several years. Adult dolls use silicon rubber that can be really firm and soft, based on the formula. Because silicon has extremely hot resistance qualities, you can discover silicon sex dolls with in-built heat systems because these love dolls can be heated for a longer duration.


  • Silicone love dolls have the most lifelike vagina, anus and other tailored body parts.
  • These adult dolls can be heated and can include integrated heat systems
  • It feels soft and realistic
  • It resists better stains and water
  • Silicon is a non-porous material. Thus it can be easy to sterilize and clean. It is hypoallergenic (just like TPE).


  • Silicone sex dolls are costly.
  • Silicon feels less soft and thicker than TPE. And these dolls are stiffer.

Which sex doll is better?

Both silicone and TPE materials are perfect and have almost similar properties, and if you don’t have any particular choice, deal-breakers or limitations, then you can choose a body and a head according to your budget and needs, and you can customize your doll. It is handy for you to rapidly buy your preferred sex doll.