If you like to be bottom doesn’t make you bisexual


We humans often like to put a name on things. For example, we could label a group of people bisexual, threesome, straight, and so on. But labeling things isn’t always helpful especially when it has to deal with feelings and emotions. Take, for instance, a man can have sex with another man but that doesn’t make him bisexual. If you labeled such a person as bisexual, you’d be wrong. Our focus in this article is to elaborate on what it means to be bottom, why straight men enjoy it, and why their love to be bottom doesn’t make them bisexual.

What does it mean to be bottom?

To be a bottom is a term used to describe a form of gay sex involving the penetration of the anus. To be a bottom means to be the receptive partner in anal intercourse. This means that a man penetrates the anus of another man with his penis. But in some cases, they could use toys amongst other things. But the bottom line is that being a bottom means that you are accepting of your anus being penetrated. Note that bisexual, threesome and straight men can have bottom sex.

Why do straight men enjoy being bottom?

●      Numerous nerve cells in the anus

Bottom sex is quite enjoyable because of the numerous sensitive nerve cells in the anus area. Orgasm can even be achieved with anal sex. During anal sex, the penis stimulates the prostate which is often connected to the genitals. And to top this, prostate orgasm can be quite intense.

●      The emotional satisfaction of pleasing someone else

Having sex with another man can be emotionally rewarding. Many bottom men claims being bottom comes with an element of being controlled, wanted, desired, taken, chosen with having bottom sex with another man. And the feeling of being strong, yet vulnerable at the same time when they let another man slide his penis inside them till he achieves an orgasm is emotionally satisfying.

●      Don’t have to orgasm to feel sexually satisfied

One of the best parts of being a bottom is that most bottom men claim it is sexually satisfying. The feeling of another man pulsating inside them hands-free is sexually satisfying even if they don’t achieve an orgasm.

Why doesn’t being bottom make you bisexual?

Bisexual is quite a strong word often used out of context sometimes. This is because having sex with another man is not the only criteria to consider. As such, being bottom shouldn’t make you bisexual. For most being bisexual, threesome, straight and other categories go beyond more than just sex. A big part of being bisexual has to do with emotions. This is why a bisexual man wants to have more than just sex with another man, he sees his love life revolving around a man. On the other hand, a man who isn’t bisexual may have sex with a man, yet go home to his loving girlfriend and still feel emotionally sexually attracted to her.


To sum things up, irrespective of what your fetish may be, be it bisexual threesome, oral, and so on, note that having sex with another man doesn’t make you bisexual. Unless as a man you have more than sexual desires for a man, you are still straight even if you have sex multiple times.