Humor and Love: The Role of Humor in Romantic Relationships


The Valenti Matchmaking team believes that laughter is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Sharing a good laugh with someone you love is one of life’s best moments. Humor can make tough times easier to handle and help you attract the right partner.

Humor & Emotions

Humor can also reduce or eliminate shame. By joking about ourselves, we can distance ourselves from embarrassing situations and gain a new perspective. This helps us see our shame as something small and unimportant. This distance reduces the emotional intensity and the importance of the situation.

Romantic Love and Humor

Humor is honesty, especially about the most important issues in our lives. It can also be an exaggeration, leading to embellishment and deception. Humor is a sensitive emotion that involves caring for others. However, this sensitivity can also mean not taking people too seriously, which can sometimes make them feel insulted.

Humor Types

When used positively, humor can benefit the atmosphere. In personal relationships, humor can create a pleasant environment between partners and help resolve conflicts. Lorne Moroz and Sarah Campbell show that people whose partners used more positive humor during conflicts reported resolving their differences more quickly and felt more satisfied with their relationship. The authors also point out the negative aspects of humor. For example, to discredit a partner’s feelings or arguments, more aggressive teasing techniques like ridicule or intimidation can be used. People exposed to aggressive humor may feel rejected, sad, and less likely to want to continue the conversation.

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