How to Use Dirty Words in Bed


Vulgar words in bed play an important role since with their help you can significantly diversify intimate life and make it brighter. Do not be shy and don’t worry that you will look funny in the eyes of your partner. If experimenting is scary, here are some tips for using dirty talk in the right way.

What You Should Say

An important step to stop being shy in intimacy is phrases and words during sex. If a girl is not scared about talking to her lover, it will be easier for her to find out what he wants. A guy can also make his beloved one talk, learn more about her preferences. But what exactly to say at such a moment? You can say with pleasure the name of the chosen one, compliment him, and do not be afraid to talk about your desires.


A safe bet is to repeat the name of your beloved. This will please him or her. Let your partner be sure that you are thinking about him or her at this moment, and not about the Hollywood star. If the name is too long, it can be shortened for convenience. When you are worried that you will look ridiculous, try to say something different because if you both start laughing in the process, the moment will be missed. A girl should not pronounce the name of her lover in a diminutive form. You are not his mom or nursery educator, so acknowledge his superiority.

Intimate Compliments

Compliments spoken to your loved one during intimacy are great for breaking the annoying silence and helping your partner get aroused. But here we don’t have a universal tip to make the right compliment. Everything is very subjective here. You should think about which compliments your loved one enjoys the most.