How To Tie a Partner: Methods And Devices


Bondage in sex games allows you to implement dozens of interesting scenarios. Bonding helps you feel better about your partner, switch roles, and feel stronger desire. But how to tie a partner if there are no special handcuffs at hand?

Best ways to tie a partner

Most often, beginners tie their partners’ hands or feet. And it is right! More complex knots and techniques require additional skills and a good understanding of how to tie a partner for role-playing. It is not necessary from the very beginning to take on a rigid rope. It is better to choose something soft and pleasant to the touch.

Perfect bonding devices:

  • a neckerchief or soft tie (remember the Christian Gray games?);
  • handcuffs with fur;
  • adhesive tape (this should be a special safe hypoallergenic adhesive tape for fixation);
  • kits for bondage techniques (wristbands and cases, in sex shops there is a huge selection of devices for fixation).

It is advisable to watch the bondage video before trying these practices. The person being bound must agree to the use of this technique. And he should have the right to terminate the process at any time. For this, use a stop word, when it is pronounced, all bonds are removed. 

How to make everything safe?

The ability to control the process is a prerequisite for any BDSM practice. Do not engage in bondage under the influence of alcohol. Before learning bondage, refresh their knowledge of physiology and anatomy – to find out where the veins are located close to the skin, where the lymph and nerve nodes are located. 

Also, do not place ropes on especially delicate areas of the body – nipples, genitals. In addition, when performing harnesses, do not use tightening loops and do not wrap around the neck with a rope.