How to maintain silicone sex dolls?


Sex dolls require proper maintenance not only after each use but also overall cleaning of wigs to dresses to ensure longevity. With proper sex doll maintenance, you can keep your silicone wife longer otherwise it may lose the sexiness and beauty and with time, you might lose interest in the silicone pricey doll. So, do take a few steps to maintain the beautiful sex objects you have custom-made from the most creative doll makers online.

Here are some tips shared for maintaining the silicone sex dolls

Wash after every use

After you’re done with the sex doll, don’t forget to clean the silicone wife. To ensure longevity, you have to be more careful. Enjoy the big satisfactory orgasm but then after waking up the first thing that you should do is to take a bath with the silicone doll. Along with cleaning her clothes and body, deep clean inside the vagina, mouth and anus so that you can clean off every single residue of your semen, saliva or sweat.

Buy a vaginal irrigator

Along with buying sex doll accessories, shop a vaginal irrigator also known as a body enema, a ball like object often used by sex doll users for cleaning the vagina, mouth and anus of the silicone bodies.

Have a long stick luffa

With a long stick luffa, deep clean the sex doll. You can watch the wig as often the hair get stuck by the long sticks and it looks bad later on. So, be gentle as you clean your pleasure doll.

Use organic soap

Always use organic cleaning agents for washing the sex dolls. The custom sex dolls are made of silicone and artificial wigs so make sure that proper care is taken.

Clean and brush wigs

Daily brush the wigs and keep the doll wear clean clothes and keep her look fresh and sexy.