A toxic relationship is one of the worst things that can happen to any person and any normal romantic relationship can turn into an abusive relationship. 

That is why it is very important to understand how to identify abusive behaviour and emotional abuse in your relationship even if the relationship started out as a regular romantic and intimate relationship and turned into an abusive relationship.

When we say abuse we mean both physical and mental abuse as well as other kinds of abuse such as financial abuse which can be a form of mental abuse. 

That is why it is better to get out of that psychological distress with the help of a breakup because having a toxic relationship does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a messy and toxic breakup. 

So, let us find out how to leave a toxic relationship.



The first thing to do if you want to get out of a toxic relationship is to understand the fact that you are in a toxic relationship. 

It might seem very simple for someone who is not in a toxic relationship but the person who is in a toxic relationship can find it very difficult to identify their situation.

That is exactly why it is a toxic relationship because the toxic partner is going to manipulate the mind in such a way so that the abused person can only blame themselves. 

This is the key characteristic of a toxic relationship and it will be very difficult for someone to accept that they are in a toxic relationship because their toxic partner will never try to accept their faults.

This can also be an indication of whether you are in a healthy relationship or a toxic relationship depending upon your partner’s ability to accept mistakes and understand flaws. 

If you want to understand that you are in a toxic relationship then there are many checklists that you can look at but most of them will have things like stress and anxiety and depression and sadness.

And if you experience a combination of these factors then there is certainly something wrong in the relationship. 


In order to understand if you are in a toxic relationship you must be able to identify your feelings and you must be able to decode how you feel.

This can be in the form of recording voice memos and this can be in the form of simply writing down what you feel.

The thing about emotions is that it is very hard to feel them after the exact point when you feel them and it is very hard to recall emotions.

That is why it is very difficult to logically use your feelings to understand if you are in a toxic relationship.

So you must try to record your emotions and feelings right at the moment you feel them and this can be in the form of writing it down or doing any other kind of documentation.

Creating a video is also a good idea where you simply turn on the selfie camera and speak into the camera what you feel.

But you must make sure that you do this right at the moment or just a little bit after you feel the emotion.

You must also make sure to record your toxic partner at times when they seem toxic and it is even better to record them at the moment when they become abusive.

This will come in handy for not only accepting your situation but the this will come handy when you are trying to seek professional help or even help from the authorities if your toxic partner is doing physical abuse.


Your partner can only be toxic to you because they find the weakness in you and it is very difficult to be abusive and toxic to someone who has a lot of support.

Your abusive partner is going to use your isolation and turn it into a weapon against you. 

You must avoid being financially dependent on them and you must avoid being emotionally dependent on them and you must try to create a support group of friends and family around you.

You can never let them corner you. 

This is very simple to understand because if you have people who love and care for you then it would be difficult for someone to manipulate you because there are going to be others who will show you the truth or help you see the truth.

Perhaps you do not have any close friends or family but you have the gift of the internet and you can, of course, make new friends online.

You can even join groups online that are specifically created to help people create a support circle around themselves. 


A toxic relationship is only going to cause pain in your life and if you want to know how to leave a toxic relationship then you must also be willing to get to terms with the truth.

And the truth is that the moment you decide to stand up for yourself is the exact moment your abuser will become powerless. 

By now you already know how to identify and accept the fact that you are in a toxic relationship and you have also gathered concrete evidence of that.

It is time to put all of that to use because if it becomes unbearable then it is probably time for a breakup. 

It has to be simple and permanent and concrete and you must be able to look dead in the eye of your toxic partner and tell them that you do not want to continue this anymore. 

You have to be firm if you want to change your life and you must utilise everything at your disposal including the police if there is a need for it.

We hope this blog has helped you understand how to get out of a toxic relationship and if you are someone who has just left a toxic relationship and want to take a break from this then we have the perfect solution for you.

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