Has he lost interest in you? 


While we think that once we find someone, it’s smooth sailing from there, it’s not. Whenever two people are involved, nothing is certain, no matter how secure and stable the relationship feels. People change. Feelings change. Relationships change. Who you were five years ago may not be who you are today, and that may have an impact on your relationship. 

While partners may grow together in the relationship, sometimes it’s the beginning of the end of your relationship. However, through relationship writing and by recognizing the signs, you may be able to take action and work out your relationship problem and solutions. 

He feels distant

You can’t put your finger on it with what’s going on, but you know that he’s pulling away from you. Right now, you don’t feel like his partner, more like a roommate. When we lose interest in someone, we start to pull away in both a mental and physical sense. Try to rebuild the intimacy in your relationship by identifying the problem and working together. Relationship counselling is also a great way to understand the relationship problem and solutions.

He stops calling or texting you 

He used to call you all the time. But now, those sweet ‘good morning’ texts have come to an end. While it could be they’ve just become busier, it could also mean that they’re losing interest in you. While most relationship writing will tell you it’s a red flag, that may not be true. If you’ve been together for some time, the lack of calling or texting could be because they feel more secure in the relationship. However, if it’s paired with other signs on this list, then you should be alert. 

He stopped mentioning the future

He used to be all about the future. Where you two were going to travel, where you were going to get married and have your honeymoon. But that’s all come to a complete halt. While you don’t need to be fully focused on the future, talking about it shouldn’t be something he avoids. If he’s avoiding talking about the near or distant future, that may be a sign that there are larger unaddressed issues in your relationship. In relationship writing, the rule of thumb is if they can’t picture a future with you, then they may be the right partner for you. 

You feel you have you to force him to talk to you

Before, he would be willing to openly share how his day went and the troubles he encountered. He would also talk about the other relationship problems and solutions he was exploring in his personal life. He included you in his life. But now, when you try to have a deeper conversation with him, he’s closed off. He keeps his personal life to himself and that isn’t a good sign. He may feel uncomfortable sharing how he feels and if that’s the case, try relationship counselling to help facilitate that conversation. 

He doesn’t want to label the relationship

He didn’t have a problem calling you his girlfriend/boyfriend before, but now he’s finding it difficult to place a label on the relationship. Red flag. What changed? Some couples don’t want labels, and that’s fine. But, you also want to know if you’re on the same page as your partner. If you’re ready to commit and he’s not, that’s not going to work. It’s time for you to have that conversation. 

You don’t feel your his priority

You used to be his number one priority. You felt that you were an important part of his life. But now, you’re not sure where you stand. Now, your partner shouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives to be your partner, but they should be interested in your happiness. If you’ve noticed a shift, it’s time you talked to your partner and even considered relationship counselling because your needs should be met in your relationship. 

All relationships have their problems. But a relationship problem and solutions go hand-in-hand. Whatever the issue may be, there’s a solution for it. To come to a solution, you will need to have an honest conversation with your partner and see what’s really going on. While you can read all the relationship writing you want, at the end of the day, it’s up to you.