Guide To Different Kinds Of Women’s Lingerie


Are you familiar with the differences between a corset, bustier, teddy, and playsuit? We’ll show you how beautiful and sexy these garments can be. If you are looking to buy for someone else or yourself, here’s a guide. You can learn about the garments below so that you know what you are buying online and in-store. You can buy teddies online at Cupid Boutique with so many options. Understanding the differences will make shopping easier and more enjoyable, as well as make it much quicker. What are they saying? Knowledge is the key…


A bustier hello French — also called a bustier, is a form-fitting garment worn by women as lingerie. It is designed to lift the bust and shape the waist by pushing against the upper midriff. It can be worn under low-backed dresses or as an outerwear camisole. Mesh panels are more common in modern bustiers than traditional boning.


Corsets are a type of corset that is used to shape the torso for aesthetic or medical reasons. Corsets have been worn by both men and women throughout history, although it was more common among women. Corsets are now the domain of sexy. They are used by women to slim down and shape their bodies to create a flattering and fashionable silhouette. Corsets often emphasize curvy figures by reducing the waistline and exaggerating the hips and bust.

The fashion industry uses the term “corset” these days to describe tops that mimic traditional corsets but don’t act as such. Modern corsets are often made with boning or ornate lacing and imitate historical corset styles. However, these corsets have little to no effect on the body’s shape. It is only aesthetic. The original corsets are still handmade by specialist corset makers and can be fitted to each individual.


The Teddy is a type of lingerie sometimes called a “camiknicker” but that’s mostly because it’s not across the pond. In that one piece of fabric covers a woman’s body, Teddy’s looks somewhat like a one-piece swimsuit. Teddy’s have a looser fabric and are often sheerer to increase the sexual aspect. Teddy’s may be preferable by women to wearing a camisole with panties, as they prevent a visible line from the panty. You can buy teddies online from


Playsuits are lingerie that leaves little room for imagination. Playsuits can be a one-piece design that has the top and bottom hems joined together. The most extravagant and risky designs can cost thousands of dollars. Prices range from a few hundred to thousands. These are usually made from very thin strips of fabric, which emphasizes the contours of a woman’s body, particularly her breasts and hips.


Basques are essentially a longer version of corsets. They were created in France from the traditional Basque dress. The basque is a more contoured fitting and extends beyond the hips, unlike traditional bustiers. These are often decorated with lace-up details at the front and back but offer very little compression. Basques almost always have brasserie cups for breasts, and sometimes include detachable garters.