Friends with benefits – a new form of relationships?


“Friends with benefits” means having sex without a real relationship. However, is this any form of relationship at all? Is it even worth trying it?

The rules of a FWB relationship

Most of FWB relationships just revolve around sex. It is difficult to define universally how people in such a “relationship” also approach such a relationship, because everyone starts it for different reasons and has completely different expectations of their “friend for the benefit”. Theoretically, there are no rules in a friends with benefits relationship, but some people can introduce their own versions of such an arrangement.

Is FWB a good example of a relationship?

It can’t really be tested, because some people are able to be fully satisfied with such a relationship, while others are expecting more of such a relationship can have a very negative impact on their ability to create a real relationship with the person they want to have a permanent relationship with in the future.

How not to get hurt?

It’s simple – it’s best to either not get into the relationship at all, or to be clear about what your expectations are for your partner. In this way the risk of one of you getting hurt will be reduced, because let’s remember that for many people this kind of relationship only serves to satisfy their physical closeness and nothing more. However, a significant number of people in Friends with benefits relationships hope that their friendship will turn into an affair. Being in such a “relationship” can be psychologically sore for many people, and in fact, few will be able to stand a long time in such a relationship. If this is an exhausting arrangement for either side, you should talk to your partner about it as soon as possible.  Often the end of FWB is the end of this relationship. People after this type of experience are often unable to return to their previous relationship, or at least maintain normal contact with the other person.

Why shouldn’t you try to get into such a relationship?

Basically because if you want such a relationship, you’re probably not ready for one or just think that you’re too ill prepared for the ,,real deal”. To be honest if you don’t feel like you can be in a relationship you shouldn’t be even trying to get one, besides working on your issues first should be a priority, because no matter how good a relationship would be it won’t make you completely happy, for the reason that your previous issues still will be there, and they will still haunt you, unless you resolve them.

source: https://www.redu.pl