Five Fun Budget Friendly At Home Date Night Ideas to Rekindle The Romance


Let’s face it and be honest, relationships and marriage are not the Hollywood fantasy portrayed in movies; they are hard work. They are a full-time job requiring a universe of patience, commitment, loyalty, compromising, understanding and not forgetting lots of apologising.

It may not be all roses and daisies every day but a life shared with that one person meant for your in undeniably one of life’s most significant blessings and nothing can be compared to it.  You enjoy their presence in your life, how they make you feel and appreciate what they do to make life more enjoyable, but life gets in the way of extinguishing the passionate fire and romance.

So you find yourself drowning yourself in magazines trying to figure out the best date night ideas on the Gold Coast to rekindle the romance and passion that made you fall for each other. Look a date night on the Gold Coast does not have to be at night, dressy and romantic or expensive.

That does not mean because it is not a fancy and expensive date night on the Gold Coast equals boring. What it means that you will need to be creative and think of exciting out of the box ideas on how you plan your date. Below are some few ideas;

1. Make Your Own Hotel Suite

If you cannot go to the exclusive Hilton Hotel, why not bring the Hilton Hotel to your home?

If you are on a tight budget or you are not in the mood of going out and mingling with other homo sapiens, creating your own hotel suite is something both of you might love. Fluff your pillows, put fresh blankets on the bed and place a tray of your favourite snacks and drinks and settle in for the night.

And if you are both hungry, order a pizza or your favourite dishes or better yet order what you ordered on your first date that is if you still remember. Should you want to take it a step further, throw some thick blankets over your bedrooms to block out any light in the morning. You will be able to sleep in and get the real feel of a hotel room.

2. Massage/Spa Night At Home

We cannot think of anyone who will not love this date night idea on the Gold Coast. If your love language does not entail physical touch, a sensual romantic massage after a long week may be just what the doctor prescribed.

You can create an intimate massage station, fill a tray with massage oils and lotions, eye mask and warm towels. Do not forget to play some relaxing music to set the scene and mood. It does not have to be a one-sided affair, and you can both switch and give each other massages.

3. Date Morning

Switching things up for the bland norm can add some excitement to any occasion. Rather than having the best standard date night on the Gold Coast, how about reversing the date night on the Gold Coast and gave a date in the morning.

Think about it; a babysitter might be easier to find in the morning than on a Friday or Saturday night, right? A date night on the Gold Coast can be filled quickly with high-maintenance expectations. While a relaxed-easy going morning might be what you both night to rekindle the spark.

4. Pallet Party

A pallet party as the best date night idea on the Gold Coast may sound like a topic you will read on a children’s activities blog. Do not change your reading glasses; you are reading right.

You can use it a theme for your date night at home on the Gold Coast guaranteed to please both parties, and it will not take much. Take a blanket and place it on the floor, line it up with a row of pillows and make it cosy. Dim the lights, switch the tv off and light a few candles. You can start by having a picnic on your pallet with dinner or have it ready and cosy for after dinner.

By turning the tv off, you are forced into having a conversation and who knows, it might lead to other steamy things.

5. Backyard Romantic Dinner For Two

There is something about the outdoor atmosphere of dining outside than can get anyone going, and we do not mean to bed. When looking for the best date night idea on the Gold Coast, an easy out of the ordinary backyard dinner for two might be what you need.

You do not have to order or cook some fancy gourmet three-course meal whose name you can barely pronounce without swallowing your tongue. Make it super easy by grabbing your favourite takeout and dawdle outside on the back patio or porch.

If you want to be snazzy, grab a table, some candles, glassware and prepare a steak dinner for two. The romance and conversation will be sparked by the sounds of nature/city life, more than slouching on the couch with a slice of pizza would.

Are you running out of the best date night ideas on the Gold Coast to bond with your significant other? Head-on over to Pink Flamingo, we have a ton of date night ideas to make you fall in love with your partner all over again. Call us!