Finer Solutions for the Perfect Cam Chats


Knowing how to express yourself well, whether live or online, is increasingly required. It is not enough to know how to face a small group of people or a large audience. Now, the challenge is also to know how to speak well on camera.

Today we live in the era of social networks, real-time communication, we are connected 24 hours, in zaps, in lives, in stories on YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd main search engine on the internet and studies show that it will soon surpass Google, today the main search site. 95% of Brazilians online access videos and 72% of Brazilians already consider YouTube a substitute for TV. Make a visit to and get the best chatting solutions now.

The Right Solutions

  • Anyone who knows how to use the videos to spread and spread his name and work, can generate more visibility and do business. Many enterprises and professionals became known from online videos.
  • Singers and new talents released their songs in online videos and became famous as Justin Bieber, Luan Santana, Tiago Iorc, among many others.
  • Presenters have their extension of work in their own channel and with success as Celso Portiolli, Catia Fonseca, Regina Volpato and channels on entrepreneurship, gastronomy, leadership, technology, coaching, fashion, among many other themes and subjects.

YouTubers, the new profession that has emerged with the growth of online videos, know how to use this tool to say what they think, comment on different subjects, give their message. There is a video that went viral on the internet, that of Jout Jout, that it’s natural, relaxed and simple way of reading a story from a children’s book, touched thousands of people.

And many make their videos with few technical resources, but the way of speaking and the content stand out and touch people in some way. For many people who want to record their videos, some questions remain:

  • What does it take to speak well in an online video?
  • Is speaking to a camera the same as speaking to an audience?

Make a script

Before recording, you need to plan what you are going to say, write how the text will be spoken. Keep in mind that it will be necessary to give a greeting, depending on the video having an introduction to the topic, how you will arouse public interest, what kind of provocation or questioning you can do to touch people, how you will approach the content, how the approach will end, that is, have a beginning, a middle and an end. This way, the idea is organized and you will avoid getting lost. Even YouTubers, who seem to talk offhand, script their speeches.

Do not decorate, but rather, memorize

Avoid memorizing what you will say. If you need to, make the script with topics to be covered and talk with your way of speaking, without decorating. The downside of decorating a text is that you are stuck with words, which will make you tenser.