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Is it possible to find love through an ad? Obviously the answer is yes, but what is the difference between a classifieds site and a professional service like the one offered by Parship? Marta, Federico and Ludovica tell us about it, who have tried both systems and read what happened.

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Looking for serious guys: the announcement and the answer

You wrote a nice ad looking for a guy who more or less matched your parameters. You put it like that, just to not leave any cards uncovered, to be sure you’ve tried them all in mon tchat en ligne. Just to make sure that you haven’t left any stone unturned and to have searched for the great, unique, true love for yourself, in short. And now? Now the problem is to meet him. What will it be, who will it be and what will it do? When you write such an ad, you cannot be sure. He will answer you, but how are things going? What if it is completely different from the way you imagine it? What if your affinities were zero? The danger of a big disappointment is, in these cases, definitely imminent, but if you reject the idea of ​​writing an ad and rely on professional service, the chances of disappointment decrease. Read the testimonials below and you see why.

Marta (43) and meeting her true love

Marta gladly shared her experience and told a story that might provide ideas for those looking for true love. “A few years ago, I wrote a pretty mundane ad, so jokingly explaining that, given my romantic failures, I was in desperate need of a serious guy. The guys who responded were a complete fiasco. Everyone, without exception, disappointed my expectations. Then, from a friend of a friend, I found out about Parship and the science base on which it is based. I trusted right away, and the serious boy I had been looking for so long appeared to me, after a short time and no embarrassing encounters, almost as if by magic ”.

Federico (48 years old): my soul mate? A bomb!

Federico is one of those men with mysterious charm. Hard to resist, however, the love of his life delayed his meeting with fate. “Believe it or not, a few years ago I wrote some serious, targeted ads. To answer, however, there were always women who were slightly depressed, or who at any rate weren’t looking, like me, for a soul mate, but for someone to keep her company. Then I read about Parship and the famous Method. I took the test, intrigued, but didn’t think it was as effective as they said it was. But here she is, Giovanna (42), my ideal companion, my best friend, the love of my life. Not just any in short. Giovanna is just perfect. For me, of course ”. But registered is easy in myseniordatingsite.

Ludovica (40 years old): advertisements? No thanks

Ludovica never believed in the power of advertisements like cat ads, or any other way to know anyone other than the real thing. But one day while on a break from work she stumbled across Parship and more for fun than anything else she chose, she signed up and took the test. She is now married to Gianluca and they say they will be very proud to tell their two children how they are met.

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