Experiment With Amazing Massage Strokes Today


Physical massages are great stress and muscle relaxants. The varying lengths of strokes used and pressure applied can help the tissues of the muscles to relax and release their stiffness. Continuous kneading also improves the blood flow and mood of the participant. A sensual body rub is a great way to incorporate the various techniques used and reap their benefits.

Different locations around the world use various massage techniques. The central purpose of body rubs also varies depending upon the ideology followed. For example, some massages focus on the person’s central or core energy called chi, whereas others focus on joint manipulation and loosening. Here are some common methods used in these massages. It is always advised to get massages from an expert who is trained in the proper way to administer the touches.


This word stems from French and means to lightly touch something. It is a method that involves deep, long strokes and is used to loosen the tissues before the next steps. Hence, it is a precursor that helps the muscles get the most out of the other touch tactics. It can be used on both the face and the body.


This is the second half of Effleurage. Once the muscles are suitably loosened, methods like kneading and rolling are used. This helps compress the muscles. It is performed using both the palm and the fingertips, unlike Effleurage which is performed using only the palm.


This is an extremely common and widely used technique. In it, the various muscles are subjected to tapping with some force. The therapist keeps their hands balled into fists and places them vertically onto the client’s body, or uses outstretched palms. This is a way of energizing the relaxed muscle tissues. The process is rhythmic, but the taps occur in fast progression to one another.


Another way of loosening parts of the body is through vibration. In this, the therapist uses the palm of the hands. It is placed onto the muscles and then vibrated or trembled. A series of waves pass through the tissues and loosen them up. This helps the muscles to relax and release the pent up stress from day to day activities.


As mammals, we are all warm-blooded and crave intimacy. There is no better way to add a feeling of comfort than provide warmth – literally. Often, the therapist will rub their palms together to generate heat and then place their palms onto various muscles or parts of the client’s body. This technique is often used in facial massages, especially around the eyes region. Warmth also helps increase the blood flow to a specific region.

All these techniques can be administered with varying levels of pressure. This is a personal choice and will vary from person to person. The process begins with soft touches, followed by kneading and rubbing, and ends again with soft tracing and outlining.

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