Erotic lingerie – an idea for the anniversary of the relationship


Every anniversary is definitely a milestone in each couples life. People celebrate it in many different ways by doing something special for each other. Here is how you can both celebrate this very special moment. It can be a romantic trip outside the city or just a dinner in a fancy restaurant. You can do whatever works for you both. There is just one detail you cannot forget during your anniversary. Wear and erotic lingerie and have some fun together! You do not know what to choose? Find some ideas below.

Lingerie for special occasions

Lingerie for an anniversary date should be unique. First of all, it is supposed to add sex appeal and self-confidence to a woman. Well-chosen underwear can emphasize feminine qualities, but also hide imperfections.

There are different bras, and so are the briefs. Each element should be matched not only in terms of aesthetics, but also the female figure. This is where bra fitters can help, choosing the type of bra to suit the breast. The bottom of the underwear is always a matter of taste. Self confident women most often choose thongs or really sexy panties made of delicate lace.

Courageous women can go a step further and opt for an unusual lingerie model. It can be a fitted corset that will emphasize the figure. Its great value is that the corset can perfectly hide the flaws of the figure. Some of them help with body modeling and slimming, while others reveal more than they cover.

Perfect color for perfect anniversary

When choosing an erotic lingerie, it is important not to forget about the colors. Nothing stimulates the man’s imagination more than lacy lingerie in a juicy red. This color is very often chosen by confident, go-getting women, aware of their attractiveness that also like to watch porn on and do some role playing in the bedroom. Black lingerie will also work for an anniversary date. It is a little bit mysterious, and at the same time it is very elegant and sexy. You prefer white color of innocence? That will also work as long as you both like sex with some romantic accents.

Erotic always means provocative?

Regardless of whether you are going out for an anniversary date with your partner or planning a romantic evening at home – properly selected lingerie will be the perfect enhancement of the intimate atmosphere between you and him. However, the question is – does it have to be an erotic lingerie?

First and foremost, if you associate erotic lingerie only with very spicy and provocative sets seen in free porn movies, you are wrong. Modern and fashionable erotic lingerie can also be subtle and very innocent. This means that you can create both a very tempting image, as well as a much more gentle and romantic one. The difference, however, is that among erotic lingerie, it will be much easier for you to find a nice lingerie that will perfectly emphasize your feminine shapes. In addition, the mere awareness that you are wearing an “erotic” set, can become a real inspiration for you. Try it and see for yourself!