Enjoying Adult Entertainment In A More Interactive Way


Adult entertainment is a massive business these days. There are naughty sites for just about any fantasy. More than that, the industry started to create female-friendly content, so porn is not just for men anymore. But classic pornography can get a bit boring after a while. If you feel like watching adult movies is a bit too one-sided, you should know that you have so many other options that are offering a more interactive experience. Let’s go through the main alternatives you have to the classic porn sites.

VR Adult Sites

I bet that once you saw the new VR technology in all those video games and VR experience booths at the mall, you’ve thought about it hitting the adult entertainment world. Well, it did, and the results are amazing. All the big networks are producing porn in VR, and it’s such an immersive experience. Most of these movies are shot in POV, and it makes the whole experience so much more realistic because you will see all the action through the eyes of the guy who plays the main role in the movies. On top of that, a new version of VR porn movies is now getting popular. I’m talking about the VR movies which are compatible with interactive sex toys. In these movies, not only that you will get to see the action through a guy’s eyes, but you will also get to feel what he feels in those moments.

Live Chat Websites

You’ve got pop up ads for them but maybe never thought seriously about trying it. However, the live adult experience you can have with a girl on these platforms can hardly be topped by any adult movie out there. You can fulfill any fantasies you might have in live chat rooms with these babes. The selection of live cam models put at your disposal by the camming sites is coming with babes from all over the world, so that you can please all those exotic desires you have about Asian girls, Latinas or Ebonies. Also, on live chat websites, you can have interactive cam sex with couples, and even lesbian models who will do anything you ask them to in front of the camera.

Online Adult Games

The adult gaming industry has evolved a lot in the past years. Now you can find any game genres for all your fantasies, which are offering an interactive manner of enjoying adult fun in front of your computer. Websites like Nutaku are featuring hundreds of great sex games which can be played for free directly into your browser. From sex simulators to game parodies in which you get to have fun with animated version of your favorite characters from anime, cartoons, tv series and movies, the collection of Nutaku surely has something for you.

So, when you feel like a porno movie is getting a bit boring, one of these three alternatives will sure make your intimate moments with yourself much more enjoyable. Try them tonight and let us know what you like the most.