Dos and Don’ts of escorts and sex in Switzerland


If you are a man and you need sins of the flesh for you, then Switzerland offers you what you expect the most from here. Escorts, sex and prostitution is legal here so you can find everything here right from erotic massage parlors, strip bars, escort services, sex clubs. While Zurich is close to Ticino, if you are looking for escort Ticino, then it is an inviting place to satiate your carnal pleasures.

Sex clubs

Sex clubs are possibly the best and safest option for you if you need a sexual encounter. The clubs have a bar area to help you drink and eat and meet your possible dates. If you want a particular service with particular terms and conditions, then just discuss them and head over to a room. The clubs charge a particular fee depending on the service you ask for. The ladies are their own bosses and don’t work for anyone.

Different regulations are issued by the government to make this business safer for all. It is important to follow strict security, health protocols and tax regulations to start a sex club. The clubs are inspected every year to know if they are following the regulations or not.

Escorts services 

With escort services legal in Switzerland, you will have numerous escort agencies here. You can hire an escort here according to your preference, depending on the service you need. 

There are several online agencies also present. All you need to do is do a quick internet search and visit the website, check out the gallery and pick the girl according to your taste. is one of the best places to find all types of Swiss models. Whether you are looking for blonde or brunette, you will easily find all traits of models here. 


Street prostitution is under government regulation and is allowed in just a few places. For street prostitution, you need permission from the city. However, you need a residency and health insurance for it.

Strip clubs

Though there have been a lot of closures in the past 10 years, but there are some strip clubs still running. They are sited at specific locations so you need to check out online and then pay a visit. You can expect shows of half-naked women with expensive drinks here dancing around a pole. Some strip clubs also offer you private dances for a little more amount of money.

Out of all the sex services available in Switzerland, escort services prove to be the most regulated, safest and enjoyable. Pick a model of your choice and discuss the services you need and you are good to go. You can either make in-call appointment or outcall meetings. The best thing is that it offers a wide range of best Swiss models to you. Right from red head to brunette, you can pick any model from the long list. Choose a girl to get a dating like experience or to enjoy some amazing moments, the choice is totally yours!