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Finding a soul mate or someone to spend quality time with is getting harder and harder. Modern life has emphasized individualism even towards its kinship. We live alone, work alone and run the house in the little free time, sometimes so many children that we forget that human beings are nothing without comparison with others. Meeting and knowing people just by having coffee at the bar or taking a walk is almost impossible.

Everyone is now suspicious of each other and always tries to avoid strangers as they are potential troublemakers. However, the web has succeeded in breaking through this social wall because, hidden behind a screen, we are safe from any unpleasant or dangerous encounter. For these reasons, online dating sites have become depopulated in recent years creating a dense network of adult dating like

The social evolution of online dating

The possibility of going out for sex, in fact, has been around since before the advent of the web and it all happened through advertisements in glossy magazines or on newspaper pages.

However, this channel suffered from strong limitations because, after a few exchanges of SMS or phone calls, we were forced to come face to face without having been able to choose or see the chosen person in the photo. On the other hand, the Internet has given the opportunity to see people meet in photos without having to see them in person.

In the past, this practice was not well regarded socially. Many viewed adult dating as brutal, outrageous, and practiced by people with a bad reputation.

In reality, these meetings have always taken place above all between ordinary and respectable people who lead a regular life. These are single people or busy people who want a thrill and new experiences without necessarily having sentimental complications.

On the social level, dating sites,, have therefore become something accepted and experienced as normal. This change of vision is due to social and economic progress, to the emancipation of women and to global access to the web which has broken all borders.

Dating and Dating Sites

There are several adult dating sites out there and each one has its own rules although the common thread remains the same. This market in the world is worth about 3.5 billion euros, in Italy there are about 2000 companies operating in this sector.

Many marriages are born through this channel, proof of the fact that it is not only and always about meetings for sex but also for friendship or engagement.

To enter the dating community, all you have to do is choose the portal that inspires the most, preferring the best known and the biggest ones that give greater guarantees of seriousness. Some require a cash fee for membership and others are completely free.

Once registered on the site, you will have to answer a personality test which will draw the profile to compare it with the compatible ones. This step takes place with a scientifically accredited algorithm called match-making, this system identifies the compatibility of the couple by making an initial selection of people to meet.

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