Dating For Singles- Dos And Don’ts


Dating for singles is harder than it seems. Have you been single for far too long and do not want to screw up an upcoming date? But of course, with years of being single, you have lost your flirting skills and you are afraid you might be over conscious and still screw up the date?! Well, worry not as here is an exclusive list of stuff you should and should not do while in front of the date. Scroll down to know more as to make your first impression a long-lasting one.

What to do on a date?

Here is a list of stuff you better keep in mind to carry out, so that you do not mess up on your date night:

  1. Be punctual. It will show your partner that you are interested in meeting them. Keep some cushion time if needed, but do not keep them waiting.
  2. Show more interest in stuff that he or she talks about. You may not like it, and you can be vocal about it as well. Just don’t do a hair flip and walk away from the topic
  3. Listen more to what the person has to say rather than just going on about yourself.
  4. Eye contact shows your confidence. Be sure to do so at least once during the whole date.
  5. Honesty is the best policy. Be honest about anything you say, be it your feelings or your past or your accomplishments.
  6. Throw in some compliments here and there. Everyone likes to hear good stuff about themselves.

 What not to do on a date?

These are some things you would want to skip if you do not want your date to walk on you on your date night and especially if you are looking forward to having a second date with the person:

  1. Keep your phone aside. Not checking your Instagram or Facebook feed for a few minutes would not turn the world upside down.
  2. Do not keep blabbering about yourself. Surely you need to get your information past her. But nonstop blabber about yourself will turn the date boring.
  3. Avoid cheesy pickup lines. They are a turn off most of the time.
  4. Not too much of mention of past relationships:
  5. Do not think of much too far ahead in the future. Expectations are the root of all heartache after all. Moreover, it may freak out your partner and they might start maintaining their distance even if they like you.
  6. Do not fake anything. Be it in terms of dress or your appearance, people will ultimately find out the truth.

All said and done and however, this is not a job application or an interview. You are looking for a life partner for God’s sake. These are just a guideline for dating for singles to remind you of the usual social norms which we tend to mess up just when we are trying our best and hardest not to. So get going and be the best version of yourself you ever were.