Coronavirus and relation ship?


Nowadays it is not … difficult times you can see for your self whether a relationship at a distance favors or does not foster relationships, especially the “new”, where the couple lives separately and can not meet with each other. What to do to survive this test of really long separation?

In the 21st century, evenif not living together, you can always spend time together. After all, you can be “close” as long as youlike, mostly for free, thanks to digital technology.

So how do you spend time together during social isolation?

“I would like to talk to you seriously” – you immediately feel a shiver, right? Of course, we are aware that this type of conversation is conducted rather “face to face”, but in the current situation you have several hours a day to be able to talk to eachother on the phone or even video chat, because before that … you simply did not have time or occasion.

Online movie marathon? If you own Netflix, install the “Netflix Party” plugin and you will be able to watch your favorite movie or series at the same time. During the series, you can write to each other and exchange insights on the film. This plugin will allow you not only to “home cinema” for two; you can “arrange” to watch together with your friends!

Why not have a romantic dinner together?


You find a nice recipe for a good dinner online, of course, make sure that the mealis made of easily accessible groceries, so that you don’thave to visit several stores … Put on a shirt, light a candle; connect on Skype and have a meal together – and for her, you can order her favorite food straight to the door!

If you like playing games together, now you have time for any “shortcomings”. On the network youwillfindmany popular games in the online version, and ifyouhave a console or computer then you can play something together as partners or opponents!

Or maybe a bet? Taking out the garbage, washing the dishes (of course, as already corona virus will be just a memory), and maybe … some erotic pics for the evening, for a better sleep? 🙂

We wouldn’t be ourselvesif we didn’t tell you about another form of entertainment. Sexting. Do you know what it is? It’s sending spicy messages and naked pics! Are you such a brave couple? During this time, you can wind up observing each other – once you fall into your arms … it will be sharp!

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