Choosing the Attractive Visuals for Lactating Videos


Gently and occasionally hard and fierce, your choices are there now. It is emotional, but at the same time anything but groping, naughty and annoying, without getting bogged down. No, it’s not easy. BT has set out this summer to tell the men how women want it.

The Aspects of Porn

  • This spring, the lactating porn debate was running full drone. Many women acknowledged that they found porn directly outrageous.
  • Others said they really like naughty and juicy eroticism on the TV screen. But that they are tired of the fact that erotic images and movies are always made on the men’s premises.
  • “We want eroticism and sex. But we want it on our own terms,” ​​the women say.
  • That’s why BT has set out to uncover what women really like. Where are the boundaries between the virile and the vile, the sexy and the vile, the delicious and the lighthearted?
  • We asked women aged 17 to 65 about their relationship with men, body, sensuality, eroticism and sex.

And we can tell that there are just as many answers as there are women. Some can hardly get it directly enough, others need to have all the feelings. Some look at human bodies, which were the exhibited art objects, others do not care about skullcaps and top tummy, if only the heart is in the right place. Some have beautiful fantasies about craftsmen and men in uniform, others think the sexiest man is the one who softly and gently fits his toddler. With the lactating lesbians you can have the best visual enjoyment now.

Similar Options

But similar to all of them is that they are tired of the fact that men define what sex is. It is high time that women get the word out. With the Best Lactation Porn Videos you can find the best deals now.

In lactating the breast has a sexual function for the woman herself: to make lactating a pleasant and pleasurable moment, as are all acts aimed at maintaining individual and species life: eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, reproducing. Thus, oxytocin, the same hormone that is present in orgasm, shows up in lactating, causing in the breasts some of the same effects that causes during the climax of sexual pleasure: nipple erection, breast tumescence, uterine contractions. In our society, sexuality is often seen only as genitality, and this fact restrains the idea of ​​pleasurable feelings during lactating leading to feelings of confusion and guilt as they experience sexual arousal during lactating tits.


Sex life is an important part of personal and married life if it is satisfactory, it strengthens the marital bond; if it is problematic, and it contributes to the dissolution of the relationship. Thus, by addressing the theme Sexuality and Lactating at the II Virtual Congress of Lactating we will bring reflections on the maternal and paternal and couple roles and how the health professional who assists women in the puerperal pregnancy cycle can address the issue and assist the couple, conflict resolution and early weaning reduction.