California Bill Forcing Adult Performers to Get Fingerprinted                             


You must have heard about the California bill that forces adult performers to get fingerprinted, mustn’t you? The adult industry is frustrated. To know more details about the topic, just go on reading the article below. Also, you’ll learn where to obtain exceptional adult merchant processing for your business.


California Bill on Adult Performers: Adult Merchant Processing

The new proposal in California that requires adult performers to be fingerprinted and get a certificate to work is a hot button topic in the space. 


Democrat bill AB 2389 implies that adult performers must pay for and pass training every 2 years on safety, human trafficking, and workplace rights. Their background check must be based on fingerprinting. This is important for getting a license.


So, if they want to work, they must get a certificate of training completion. It’s still unclear whether the bill will be passed into law or not. 


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What Do Adult Performers and the Authors of the Bill Think?

According to adult performers, the public nature of occupational licenses makes the situation dangerous.


Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia notes that by AB 2389 she aims to make the certification process similar to that of other industries. On the other hand, Heather Berg, assistant professor at Washington University, says that the adult industry shouldn’t be compared to other jobs that require workers to get certified.


According to Antonia Crane, the founder and director of “Soldiers of the Pole,” a stripper labor movement, bill AB2389 is written to look like as if it’s protecting adult entertainers. However, it aims to further criminalize them.


As you see, adult performers in California stand up against Democrat bill that’s called to fingerprint adult entertainers. What’s more, adult performers must complete “sexual violence and harassment training” if they want to get certified so to start or continue to work. 

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