Calculating Your Heart’s Desire Number Using Astrology



Just like astrology with the planets as well as signs of the zodiac are linked to characteristics within astrology, the teachings of numerology show that particular numbers are linked with specific themes or traits. These numbers can be used to advance understanding into:

  • A person’s personality
  • Life’s greater purpose for that person
  • Future events

Heart’s Desire

All people have things that they desire as well as dreams and wishes they want to fulfill. The desires of every individual will change as they grow older, but with numerology, every individual has one major desire when it comes to their heart. The Heart’s Desire has a straightforward bearing on all a person is and does. This number is able to give vital clues when it comes to various themes in a person’s life. By using practices of ancient numerology, it is probable to find exactly what your Heart’s Desire Number is by using the letters appearing in the full name you were given at birth. There is even a website that will help you “calculate your heart’s desire number”. 

What a number means

A person’s Heart Desire is what governs a person’s purpose and can help to direct an individual to their real motivations and intentions in their life. Here is a list of what some Heart Desire numbers mean:

  • Number 1 – Individuality
  • Number 2 – Collaboration
  • Number 3 – Self-Expression
  • Number 4 – Stability
  • Number 5 – Adventure
  • Number 6 – Healer
  • Number 7 – Wisdom
  • Number 8 – Power
  • Number 9 – Humanitarian
  • Number 11 – Enlightenment
  • Number 22 – Teacher

How these numbers help

These numbers can be used as a pathway to what a person would be most happy doing. For example, the number 3 shows that these people have the desire to express themselves through their passions, creativity, and what they stand for. Someone with a Heart’s Desire of 3 would be happiest as a writer during their life. It is a way to know where your true happiness can be found.