Best Activities for Yachters 


If you are a yachter in then you’ve got to plenty ways to customize your itineraries for maximum fun. You can include things that suit your tastes and offers you the maximum value for your buck. Sailing on a private charter yacht is an experience you will never forget and to make it even more memorable, here are some things you can include in your schedule.

Here are some of the most fun activities to indulge, both on the sea and the land. 


You have your fishing gear ready to fight the mighty sea life and there is no reason not to if you have a yacht. This is by far our favorite as you get to enjoy the company of your friends or sit in silence waiting for a fish to take bait. You can enjoy all sorts of sports fishing too and you will be amazed at what all you can fish when time is not a constraint. Moreover, some yachts have fishing tackle that can make your task much more easier and fun. 

Enjoy Water Sports 

Yes! from paddle boarding to kayaking to enjoying a jet ski ride, you can enjoy so many watersports with a chartered yacht. You can seek help from the staff managing the yacht to locate the best spots for each of these sports. You can then decide the ones you wish to try. Be ready to explore some of the best diving, paddle boarding and kayaking spots. 

Party Like Animal 

We’ve all seen the videos and movies how luxury yachts are no fun without some sexy girls in bikini jumping into the crystal clear water. You can have a taste of such a luxury by inviting escorts and of course asking them to go skinny dipping while you enjoy your favorite cocktail. The company of gorgeous model-like escorts can totally turn things around and you can party like a wild water beast all day long.


Many people enjoy snorkeling but best snorkeling spots are still unknown to the majority of the people. This is why you can use your charter yacht to take you to some of the best snorkeling spots and enjoy the snorkeling without any disturbance. Such private snorkeling spots can be so much fun and totally fuel up your underwater action cameras.