Armenian dating – All you need to know


Armenia is a beautiful country located around the Caucasian mountains. You can trace Armenia back to the Roman Empire. Considered as the first state to incorporate Christianity as its state religion, Armenians have always been a proud people with good morals.

Armenians are raised in well-rounded families making them one of the most disciplined people in the world. Ordinarily, Armenians don’t even date before the age of 18 because most families forbid. In fact, in some families you are not supposed to date anyone who the family has not approved.

Now, your reputation is quite important when you want to date an Armenian. The Armenian families protect their children and you may find yourself been scrutinized with all sorts of questions. The family will try to size you up and determine whether you are worthy to date their child or not. However, the good news is that once you get a date, you get a new family.

The dating culture in Armenia

The dating culture in Armenia can be considered somewhat conservative. It, therefore, means that the spectrum might look open especially when you are just used to casual dating in the western sense. Armenian men and women are always ready to date from the western side which makes it easy for you to land a date.

Now, understand that there is a bit of gender imbalance in Armenia since men are fewer than women. The Armenian women must compete for men which leads them to join several dating sites.

Why date an Armenian woman

The one noticeable feature of Armenian women is their incredible figures with well-rounded female shapes that are honestly captivating. Armenian women have a sort of acquired special beauty that can be accredited to the fact that Armenia has been home to different folks including Arabs, Turks, and Georgians.

Equally, Armenian women come in all different heights which ensures you get what you look for in a woman. Even skinny Armenian women have pretty round cheeks with full lips with beautiful dark eyes making them quite a catch. All Armenian women always maintain a strong pose and bearing making them look like queens.

Why date Armenian men

Armenian men are open-minded with good morals, which means that you will always be treated right. Although Armenian men have been stereotyped as hot-tempered, they are quite sweet once you get to know them. They are always well-kempt and they will protect your dignity.

The best Armenian dating site

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You also get a street chat option that lets you chat with friends located at any part of the globe that you pick from the map. This means that you get several cool features from joining the ArmenianPassion dating service.

What I found most interesting about the dating website is the fact that you get to send unlimited messages, view the people that like you, upload private chats, video chat, play games, and browse all the members near your area. With all these incredible features ArmenianPassion is the dating site to join when looking for Armenian singles.