Are there any risks associated with swallowing sperm?


A pretty common query that comes to most women’s mind is whether it is safe to swallow the semen of men or not. There is a mixture of water, protein, and sperm available in the semen that will be appropriate for ladies.

On top of that, it has pretty low calories making sure they don’t have to worry about weight loss. This post will talk about whether swallowing semen is bad for your health or not.

The semen you usually watch women swallow in premium bukkake content is a bodily fluid that always has a risk of STD contamination. It ranges from Chlamydia to HPV to even HPV depending on the situation. No matter, someone swallows the semen or just spit it out, the chances of risks are always associated with semen. Although semen components aren’t harmful, the STD risk needs to be taken seriously.

If you believe your partner is at the risk of something like that, it is strongly suggested to stay away from the sperm swallowing. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about this erotic bukkake activity making it one of the most popular experiences to do.

How exactly semen smells like?

There is lots of confusion among the community about how semen actually tastes. Its smell changes after getting contact with other body fluids like sweat and urine. The pH balance plays a great role in changing the smell of semen. If we talk about a general rule, the pH level stays between 7.2 & 8 in most cases.

On the other hand, there is a huge difference witnessed in smell after getting contacted with a vagina that has an acidic environment. A bad smell can completely ruin the complete experience for both the participants.

Do girls like swallowing cum?

Well, it is more of a personal choice than a common belief. Few girls like to eat cum of their partner while others don’t. Adult movies have increased the curiosity of males to perform this activity on the girls. It is an enjoyable thing to experience if both partners have mutual consent.


In general, it is completely safe to swallow semen most of the time if the male person doesn’t have an STD. If you are looking to enjoy this erotic activity with your partner, it is good to go with proper precautions and passion.