8 Tips for Finding Love on a Dating App


Dating apps and matchmaking services have taken dating to a whole other level. What was once considered risky and unconventional has now become a new normal. Everyone is looking for love on dating apps.

No matter if you’re straight, gay, or bi, there’s a place for you where you can find love. And the great thing about these apps and matchmaking sites is that they are time-saving, you can quickly find someone you like, the options are many and if you’re shy and uncommunicative these places can be great for you to finally open up.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these 8 tips that will help you find love on dating apps.

1. Write a memorable bio and choose accurate photos you like

Dating apps are full of generic bios that reveal very little about the user. When trying to find a date through dating apps, our best advice is to try and stand out as much as you can. That means writing witty bios that will make the right person smile.

Your bio should reflect you so, be who you are, be unique and original, and be as positive as possible. Remember that the smallest of details can make you stand out in the sea of similar people.

The same can be said about the photos you share on your dating app profile. Choose photos that you really love. Photos where you think you look your best. 5 to 6 photos are more than enough and make sure that the main photo is a headshot where you’re smiling.

2. Be truthful and open

Not everyone is a fan of dating apps and that has a lot to do with people not knowing when someone is lying. And while that’s very true, you can do your part and be different. Be truthful and open.

Be honest about the kind of relationship you’re looking for but also try not to overshare right from the start. Keep in mind that getting to know someone takes time but honesty is the best policy and the best relationship are built on trust. So, make your intentions known from the get-go.

3. Learn identity terminology

Dating today may be a bit overwhelming. There are so many sexual identity terms, sexual orientations, and relationship models that may not apply to you, but that would be good to know.

Regardless of whether you’re using dating apps, gay matchmaking services, or some other types of dating sites, whether you’re a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or a hetero person, you should understand or at least be aware of different types of sexual identity terms.

It is impolite to outright ask someone what their identity stands for, or what monogamy or polygamy is. Instead, do some research before making a profile and trying to date someone.

4. Research your matches

It’s ok if you want to dig a bit deeper into your match. In fact, you should dig a bit deeper. Dating apps really offer very little information besides a couple of photos and a bio section.

Do your research to find out more – you can search Facebook or Instagram to see if you can find them. You may discover that your match doesn’t look the same in their Instagram photos.

Try your best to see if your match is who they present themselves to be. And the internet is the best place to find these answers.

5. Figure out the match’s intentions

Just as you should make your intentions clear, you should expect the same from your match, right? Unfortunately, not everyone will be as straightforward as you. That’s why you should do your best to find the other person’s intentions.

Once you find out their intentions, you’ll know whether or not to continue the conversation. You’re on a dating app because you don’t like wasting time, so don’t waste it on people who don’t want the same things you do.

6. Keep from 4 to 9 conversations at once

It’s acceptable to keep from 4 to 9 conversations at once. Some people will drop off before you even start the conversation and some will follow through. It’s ok to date more than one person, in the beginning, others do that too, even your match.

Dating more people at once can boost your confidence and it can help you figure out what you like and don’t. It will also help you see red flags more clearly.

7.  Meet up if and when comfortable

Never let anyone pressure you into meeting them. Regardless of how long you’ve been keeping the conversation going, if you don’t feel comfortable meeting them, don’t. Take your time, get to know them as well as possible, and only once you feel comfortable, agree to meet.

When going to meet for the first time, make sure the meeting happens in public with people around you. To be even safer, you can invite a friend to keep an eye on a situation from afar.

8. Be the first to start the conversation

If you’re one of those who wait on the other person to initiate the conversation, don’t. Dating apps are a perfect place to step out of your comfort zone and be the first to start the conversation.

Many people will appreciate you being the one who starts the conversation, it will show that you’re really interested and that’s a good first impression.

And there you have it, 8 tips that can help you navigate dating apps. Hopefully, some of these tips help you find your happily ever after.