8 Amazing Sex Positions To Try With your Sex Doll In 2022


We all know that premium silicone sex dolls have soft and elastic skin and inner skeletons that allow for various adjustments to different positions for sexual interaction.

If you’ve just bought your first love doll and are thrilled by the prospect of having sex with a sex doll, you can count on us to make your experience unforgettable. What is the best way to have sex with sex dolls? Here are eight amazing sex positions to try with your sex doll for more pleasurable sex.

1. Scissor Missionary

Start by placing one leg of your sex doll on your shoulder while holding the opposite leg toward the ground/bed in this “scissor” spin on the mission. Deeper penetration and more amazing orgasms are probable as a result of this.

2. Against The Wall

You can apply for this position with your sex doll if you enjoy making love to your lover from their back as they stand against the wall. Place your sexy sex doll in the corner of your room, back facing you, and make sure she’s gripping her body from behind.

The corner of your room is perfect since your doll will be able to stand upright thanks to the wall’s support. For balance, place your doll’s arm on the wall. Then elevate one of her legs, and you’re ready to use your penis to penetrate her.

Key Points:

  •   Promotes Deep Penetration
  •   Perfect for sex in kinky areas like balconies, showers, and so forth.
  •   Little challenging if there is no height compatibility (notable disparity in height between your doll and you). If your sex doll is taller than you, you can spread her legs further to make penetration easier.

3. Bent Over

This sex pose is quite popular and has been used by couples for many years. To perform this sex position, make your doll enticingly stand in front of you and then penetrate her from behind.

Hold your love doll behind and position yourself near a table, chair, or bed. Bend your sex doll over the surface of the bed or table while standing, making sure the face of your sex doll reaches the bed’s surface, and she bends at the waist.The sexiness of the bent-over posture allows you to penetrate your doll from the vaginal or asshole. Wearing a good pair of seductive heels and placing your sex doll in a balanced but sexy manner – pushing her ass out – can give a good or more enjoyment.

Key Points:

  •   Your sex doll’s knees may ultimately get injured and scape. So be very careful.
  •   Don’t use abrasive objects to avoid damaging your doll’s sensitive skin.
  •   Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  •   Depending on how you wish to bend your sex doll over, you may make the experience more pleasant. You can use chairs, cushions, sofas, and mattresses.

4. Cradle

Because it’s intimate and doesn’t need a lot of strength or stamina, the Cradle is fantastic sex poses to add to your arsenal. Start by sitting down in front of your sex doll and wrapping your legs over her body while allowing your doll’s legs to wrap around your waist, tucking them between yours. Slide your love doll’s back onwards till you can enter her, then slowly begin to move together.

Key Points:

  •   Although there will be little thrusting in this position, you can get the actual orgasmic force of this position through a gradual, rocking build to climax.
  •   Slow, sensual movements can assist you to last longer and get more pleasure.

5. Doggy style

This list would be incomplete if we did not include the doggy sex position; this sex position is perfect if you are looking for some sexual stimulation. Kneel your sex doll on the bed’s surface and bend her, so she’s looking down.

Raise the doll’s arm just over her head to support or balance her body in the posture. She should open her legs slightly from their back to balance her body.

Drill her from behind, and go as slow or as rough as you want. If you enjoy rough sex, this sex position allows you to spank your doll’s ass, just like you would with a human partner.

To avoid long-term damage, make sure you protect her knees from friction. Once you’re done thrusting her, straighten her legs into a neutral posture.

Key Points:

  •   Perfect for both fast-paced and deep penetration.
  •   In comparison to other sex positions, this one is less intimate.
  •   If not done correctly, it can cause knee damage.

6. Spooning

Spooning is one of the most pleasurable and intimate sex positions. If you want to penetrate your doll in a more intimate position or while lying in bed, this is a good sex pose to try. Place your sex doll on her side on the bed and arms bent in front.

To balance or support her body, bend her legs at a 45-degree angle. Raise her upper leg and pierce her in whichever orifice you want. This sex position is perfect for deeper penetration that is smooth and exciting.

Key Points:

  •   If you don’t have the strength to move your sex dolls around, this is a perfect position.
  •   Perfect for retaining body heat. Because this posture allows you to be close to your sex doll, your doll will pick up your body heat, making the sex session more realistic.
  •   You can’t look your sex doll in the eyes or kiss her lips when you’re penetrating her in this position.

7. Missionary

The missionary style is as archaic as sex itself; in actuality, it’s more like the default sex position, and many couples have used it for years. Place your doll on the bed, back to back, with her legs bent at a 45-degree angle and open.

For a more intense sexual activity, you can lay your doll’s leg on your shoulders. You are now able to pierce your sex doll. This pose also allows you to spill your fluid directly across her face or body.

Key Points:

  •   Easy and smooth penetration.
  •   More than any different sex position, this one connects you to your doll.
  •   It’s a perfect position for orgasm.
  •   It becomes tedious after a time.

8. Cowgirl

If you enjoy lying down while having sex, this position will appeal to you. It’s easy: lie on your back on a bed or floor and squat with your sex doll on top of you.

Allowing your doll to sit on you in the reverse cowgirl position is another option. You can go straight inside of her, penetrating her all the way up, or you can let her ride you properly.

Key Points:

  •   You can increase the passion of your sexual activity by thrusting with the weight of your doll.
  •   Arranging for this position is more difficult than others.

Wrap Up!

Bonus tip: While having sex with your doll, you can watch porn videos or read some sex blog lists and practice what you see on these videos with your love doll. You can switch ways by imitating the couples in the movie by placing your sex doll on the bed in the same pose as them and penetrating her through the back. It will make your sexual activity more thrilling and entertaining, and you’ll have ejaculated before you know.

Buy your sex doll from BBdoll. These dolls come in different shapes, styles, materials, and types. Choose the one that appeals to you the most and meets your needs. Also, all sex dolls mandate some preparation before you can copulate with them, depending on the material they are made of. To avoid hurting yourself, make sure you follow the recommendations and prepare yourself. You may need to lubricate yourself or heat the doll to an exact temperature.

Irrespective of the sex doll or sex position you use, we hope you have a better sex experience and an explosive climax.